The weather forecast for last weekend was sunny and shiny, so we decided to combine 2 of the amazing things that Croatia has to offer us: hiking and swimming. We started the day really early to make sure that we would have time enough for everything. As enthusiastic hikers that we are, we wanted to pick one of the longest routes in Učka, starting on Lovranska Draga till Vojak. We passed by Babino sklonište, where we were able to swing and freezbe for a while, and also enjoy the amazing views of the sea that was waiting for us. Then we continued through Mala Učka and arrived to Vojak. We had a little break before the ascension to the top because it was really crowded! We ended up walking almost 19km, most of the time through the forest, protected by the shadow of the trees. Once we finished around 3 pm, we put on our swimming clothes and our flip-flops and looked for a nice beach. We were pretty excited because it was our first swim of the year, so we jumped into the water and swam until our fingers and toes looked like raisins, before relaxing and enjoying the sun. It was a nice complete day.